Entertain. Educate. Engage.

Simple Hardware. Sophisticated Network.

We are here to make your customers happy and informed. 

Our Network:

  • 50% Dispensary

    • Product Menus: Lower wait times by helping customers make a decision before they reach the counter.

    • Dispensary Features: Ensure that each customer that enters your store is up-to-date on sales and events.
  • 50% GreenScreens Sponsors

    • Educational Sponsors: Our state-sponsored content is featured to ensure that you have the most informed and compliant customers.
    • In-Store Vendors: They pay for the upkeep of the screen and in turn move more products in your store. A win win.
    • Related Lifestyle Sponsors: We promote healthy and active lifestyles through non-cannabis companies in which your customers may be interested.

Free 30 Day Trial

$500 | One Time Installation Fee

GScreens vs The Competition 

Screen Time 

  • GScreens gives dispensaries 50% of the screen time compared to other cannabis networks, which usually offer 0-20% to dispensaries. This allows for menus and stand alone dispensary features to be displayed at a comfortable pace.


  • GScreens has developed 100's of templates that we provide and customize for free, resulting in a $20,000 value to dispensaries. Our competitors either charge for custom content or do not have the team to develop content.

Real-Time Network

  • GScreens updates within several hours of any submission. Regardless of it being a menu update or a video edit. Real-Time services for our competitors is only for menus. Other companies take up to 36hrs to post any other type of content (not including the time required to make edits).