An In-store TV Network For Retail Cannabis

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Our plug and play network is fully customizable, which enables you to update product menus and specials on the fly. GreenScreens understands the costs of running your business, so we provide our network and hardware at no cost to you. Also, we give you a kick back from all advertising sold.

Enhance the Customer Experience 

Engage customers while they stand in line by educating them about marijuana products, safe practices, and state laws. 

Monetize Empty Wall Space

GreenScreens does a 50/50 split of all ad revenue with the dispensary. 

Boost Sales

Take customers out of their phones and into the retail experience. Entertain them with content promoting items carried in your store.

Increase Efficiency 

Displaying digital menus helps to speed up the checkout process freeing up your employees to make more sales.


Entertain. Educate. Engage.

GreenScreens is the most effective and affordable way to reach your desired audience. Each screen receives thousands of views each month maximizing your brand's in-store exposure. Also, we provide you with analytics gathered by the most advanced data collection technology in the digital signage industry.

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Insightful Analytics

By examining key facial features, we are able to determine the age, emotion, gender, and dwell time of each viewer.

Point of Sale Advertising

Use this opportunity to comply with the strict cannabis ad laws and promote your products where it counts. 


Location Specific Marketing

Each screen can be customized individually making it easy to target your desired audience. 


Increased Brand Awareness

Make customers familiar with your brand while they stand in line.