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Advertising with GreenScreens is an effective and affordable way to reach your desired audience. Cannabis or Non-Cannabis, start increasing your companies sales today by using the GreenScreens Network. 

What we offer

All Advertisers

  • >2,500 Monthly Views/Screen

  • Highly Refined Demographics

  • Location Specific Marketing

  • Strengthen Brand Loyalty

Cannabis Advertisers

  • In-Store Competitive Advantage
  • Point of Sale Advertising
  • Increase Units Sold

GreenScreens Vs The Competition

Competitive Ad Rates

  • GScreens per screen ad rate is up to 75% cheaper than our competitors. We come from the cannabis industry. Therefore, we understand our clients' marketing budgets and cater to them.

More Views

  • Because our feed repeats every 5 minutes, you get up to 6x the views you would get using the competition.