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Ryan Sterling - Founder

Ryan was awarded his MBA, at Thomas College, in 2011. Since then he has been working for Auberge Resorts in Luxury Hospitality Management. During this time, Ryan launched Soapbox Social Network, which is a social media interface for bars and restaurants. Ryan has insiders perspective of the cannabis industry from his experience working retail sales at Roots RX.


Jeremy Klammer - CTO, Co-Founder

Jeremy comes to the team with a MS in Aerospace Engineering from CU Boulder. Before he started his first digital signage company GoFit Media,  Jeremy was a systems engineer at Lockheed Martin. As our CTO, Jeremy was the architect behind our current retail solution.


Martin DeFrance - COO, Co-Founder

Martin graduated from DePauw University with a BS in Geology. A natural born entrepreneur, he has a uncanny  ability to see demand and capitalize on it. Martin also spent time working retail sales in cannabis and shares Ryan's unique perspective of the industry. Currently, Martin manages all of GreenScreens sales, marketing, and design needs. 


Caryn Smith - CFO

A graduate from the Kellogg School of Business, Caryn comes with an incredible financial background. She has started multiple companies and has been a mentor for many other start-ups as well.


Jim Fifield - Advisor

Jim is an expert in emerging markets. He started his career as VP, of General Mills Food Co, launching several of their most popular brands. From their he took President and CEO rolls at various other companies such as EMI Records, 20th Century Fox, and The North Face.


Victor Segel - Advisor

Victor is a turn around CEO in both the public and private sector. He specializes in tech and media companies and is currently serving as the managing director at Glownet.


Todd Johnson - Sales

A graduate of Washington University, Todd is our cannabis domain expert. He has worked for some of the biggest players in the industry such as Dixie Edibles, EvoLab, Leafly, and Dope Magazine.